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Reverend Sam G. Candler Invocation Remarks for the 2017 Peachtree Road Race

BLESSINGS! BLESSINGS! BLESSINGS! An Invocation for the Peachtree Road Race, 4 July 2017 By The Very Reverend Sam G. Candler From all over America, from all over the world, we gather today for the blessings of running and rejoicing, for the blessings of diversity and freedom! We are different today! We are runners, we are […]

Gareth Young highlights the importance of recognizing one’s privilege when working towards interfaith cooperation

Those of us working to denounce religious bigotry, to speak up against disrespectful and inflammatory rhetoric, and to bring society together in love rather than allow us to be divided by fear and hate, find ourselves living in difficult, even dark times. From this perspective, the Atlanta Interfaith Manifesto is a rallying call to equity […]

Masarrat Husain, of the Atlanta Interfaith Leaders Forum, encourages collaboration across organizational, religious lines to make the world a better place

Atlanta’s burgeoning population with flourishing faiths of all denominations are healthy signs for any city. Many interfaith groups in Atlanta are engaged in their own way to bring peoples of diverse faiths closer in order to understand and gain knowledge of their beliefs, practices, and rituals but not to denigrate or belittle them. The Atlanta […]

Rev. Dr. George B. Wirth: Atlanta Interfaith Manifesto encourages us to become “a city that is not too busy to relate”

When our Steering Group of 35 Interfaith leaders from all across Atlanta re-discovered the Minister’s Manifesto, published on Sunday, November 3, 1957 in the Atlanta Journal and Atlanta Constitution, something significant happened. We realized that the 80 white ministers who signed that Manifesto sixty years ago were standing up and speaking out for racial justice […]